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Exploring the Unique Coat Colors

The Pekingese is a small, regal dog breed with an ancient history and a distinctive appearance. Known for their compact size and bold personalities, these toy companions have been adored by many for centuries. One of the many appealing aspects of the Pekingese breed is the variety of coat colors they can have, including the elegant black and white combination.

Originating from ancient China, the Pekingese were once exclusive to the ruling classes and highly revered for their regal bearing and unique features. The black and white Pekingese is a striking example of the breed’s beauty, with its dark coat contrasted by bright white markings. This color combination can either be a pure black coat with white markings or a black coat with silver or grayish undertones and white markings.

Black and white Pekingese dogs showcase the same characteristics as other members of the breed, including their distinctive rolling gait and bold personalities. Their elegant appearance and rich history make them an appealing choice for dog enthusiasts and pet owners alike, attracting attention and admiration wherever they go.

Physical Characteristics

The Pekingese is a remarkable toy dog breed, boasting a unique appearance. One of the most popular color variations in this breed is the black and white Pekingese. With a flat, black face and straight line appearance of the chin, nose, and forehead when viewed from the side, these dogs have a distinct look.

Recognized by their short snout, large eyes, and V-shaped facial wrinkle, the Pekingese has a stocky and compact build. The breed’s slightly bowed limbs and low body create a distinctive rolling gait that adds to their regal appearance.

Their coat is double-coated, long, and coarse and can come in various colors, including the striking combination of black and white. This coat type requires regular grooming to maintain its appearance, as the Pekingese is known for its “lion’s mane” of long hair. Common markings for these dogs include black masks and parti-colors, with white being an acceptable marking as well.

Regarding size, Pekingese typically stand between 6 and 9 inches tall, and can weigh up to 14 pounds. This small stature makes them a perfect companion for those seeking a smaller dog with a bold personality and majestic bearing.

History of the Pekingese Breed

The Pekingese is a toy dog breed that originated in China and was favored by the Chinese Imperial court as a companion dog. The breed’s name refers to the city of Peking (Beijing), where the Forbidden City is located, and they were highly valued by ancient Chinese royalty.

According to a Chinese legend, the Pekingese was created by the Buddha, who transformed a lion into a small dog. This breed, along with other compact breeds, were created for the Chinese ruling classes. The Pekingese dog was closely associated with royalty and is known for its regal bearing and distinctive rolling gait.

During the Manchurian rule of Beijing (then Peking) from 1644 to 1911, Pekingese dogs became sought-after trade items with Europeans. Pekingese dogs with black-spotted tongues were especially popular in Europe.

Pekingese dogs have several unique appearance characteristics and health issues related to their appearance. They are compact, with a wide, low body and a flat face. Their long, abundant coat is characteristic of the breed and requires regular grooming.

Where to Find a Black and White Pekingese


When searching for a black and white Pekingese puppy from a breeder, it’s important to consider reputable sources to ensure you’re getting a healthy and responsibly raised pet. One reliable place to find Pekingese puppies for sale, including black and white ones, is through the AKC PuppyFinder. Here, you can find Pekingese puppies from AKC Champion Bloodline breeders that are vetted and held to high standards.

Another option is to check with the PuppySpot, which also offers a selection of black and white Pekingese puppies from reputable breeders.


Adopting a Pekingese can be a rewarding experience, as you’re providing a loving home for a dog in need. One place to search for adoptable black and white Pekingese dogs is Adopt-a-Pet.com. This website allows you to filter searches by breed, age, and location, making it easy to find the perfect Pekingese for you and your family.


If you prefer to adopt a Pekingese from a rescue organization, several groups specialize in rehoming this unique breed. Reach out to your local Pekingese rescue groups or check listings on national rescue organization websites. Although finding a specific color pattern, like black and white, in rescue organizations may be more challenging, it is well worth the effort to save a life and provide a loving home to a deserving Pekingese.

Remember that when searching for a black and white Pekingese, always conduct thorough research when contacting breeders, adoption centers, or rescue groups. Acquiring a new pet is a long-term commitment, and taking the time to find a reputable and responsible source will help ensure a positive experience and the healthiest possible addition to your family.