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Living in a pandemic is not easy. If I have to honest, then I would admit that the only thing that kept me sane during these unprecedented lockdowns were my pets. This is the reason why I firmly believe that everyone deserves to experience a dog’s love at least once in their life. Pekingese dogs make the perfect pet. This breed has been known for their graceful poise and adaptable personality. Even though the Pekingese dog is a pure breed and not a mutt, but still, you can easily find them at shelters and pet adoption centers.

Given below are the top reasons as to why you should get a Pekingese dog.

1. The Pekingese temperament is extremely adaptable.

As stated above, the Pekingese dogs are known for their chameleon like personality and super adaptable temperament. This makes them ideal for people who are getting their first pet ever. They are calm little sensitive creatures who tend to form super strong bonds with one of their caretakers. Pekingese dogs are very loyal and love to be around their human at all times. So far so good? Well, there is one fact about the Pekingese temperament that you will not appreciate. That is their barking skills. They do have a tendency to bark a lot and bark at almost everything. Yes, they will even bark at their own reflection. This is the only reason some would categorize the Pekingese temperament as ‘aggressive’. Apart from this, raising a Pekingese puppy is a rather easy task.

They can be left alone for a couple of hours and can live in cold temperatures. On the other hand, a hot and humid environment does not suit them. I mean, look at them. Do you really think Arizona would be fun place for them to live? Clearly, Pekingese shedding is going to be a real problem for you.

Photo by Petful (Some rights reserved)

The Pekingese dogs are known to be a tad bit biased. They are indeed very friendly around their family but, not so much around hyper kids, strangers, or other dogs. So, keep that in mind as well.

2. They make amazing guard dogs.

Sure, barking can be a bummer but, that means that your little Pekingese fella will make a great guard dog. The Pekingese dog breed finds its origin in ancient China where they were kept as royal sleeves due to their fierce personality and that they could fit in actual sleeves. The breed is very vocal about everything which is a plus in case danger preludes around your household.

3. Pekingese dogs are very intelligent.

Thankfully training your Pekingese dog would be an easy task. The credit goes to their intelligence. They pick up rather quick which again helps them domesticate. This also makes them easy to train and an ideal domestic pet. Moreover, due to their adorable looks and impeccable brains, they make an ideal pet for winning dog shows. Yes, really. According to a report by the American Kennel Club, the Pekingese dog breed has had the top fourth most wins at the Westminster dog shows.

4. They are so adorable and beautiful!

The Pekingese dog comes in many different fun colors which include red, fawn, grey, brown, tan, biscuit, black, and white. Moreover, they are either of one solid color or have a different face color. For instance, they may have a light fur but also have a black face. Seriously, be honest; doesn’t this little guy look super adorable?

Photo in public domain

5. They are very affectionate.

The Pekingese dog likes to socialize with its family members and is rather fond of cuddles. They will caress your legs, and make sure that you feel safe and protected in its presence.


Now, since you are getting a Pekingese dog, it is best that you get yourself educated about their history. Which, by the way, is rather interesting. Where do I start? Oh yes, from the Chinese legend. So, according to this fun legend, the Pekingese dog breed was a result of a marmoset and a lion falling in love. Hence, they were first named as Lion Dogs as they sort of looked like one. Moreover, they are also known to resemble the Pelchie or Shishi dogs which were the ancient Chinese guard dogs. These dogs were believed to have magical powers which constantly kept the temples and palaces protected and safe.

The Pekingese is a royal dog breed and was kept by the royals of China. What is rather interesting is the fact that they were assigned their personal servants. See, that is how much this breed has been cherished. Hence, the princess attitude. Everything makes sense now. They were the most expensive breed which is why stealing them meant straight death penalty.


Are Pekingese dogs ideal for a family?

Yes, they are ideal for a family granted that the family does not have toddlers. Pekingese is a rather sensitive dog breed with a lot of health problems. Hence, they can get injured if mishandled. However, if you have older children then a Pekingese is a great choice as a family pet.

How do you raise a Pekingese puppy?

Be kind, be loving, and only adopt them if you can afford their health problems.

How many puppies can a Pekingese dog have?

Their litter is rather small, such as, only 2 to 4 pups in one litter is possible. This is because, the Pekingese have a tough time giving birth due to their health issues.

Are Pekingese dogs hard to train?

They can be hard to train at first. Blame their royal blood for their stubbornness. I mean, what do you expect from a PeKINGese. However, with consistent patience, you can train them as they are quite smart.

* Banner photo by Rob Bixby (Some rights reserved)